Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pamela's bananas

"Just four," she requested; "the others can go back."

The first thing I noticed was her blonde hair neatly tucked in a green bandanna.  ("Maybe a biker," I thought, only to later scold myself for prejudging her).

I was feeling self-conscious as we exchanged brief words with a mound of bananas between us, wondering whether she'd noticed my physical challenges.  

"These don't look so good," said the woman I'd guess was in her youthful 50's.

As with numerous decisions throughout any day, I was giving intentional thought about my banana selection. I would need to pull apart and separate a bunch unless I happened upon a small, good looking group.

After carefully selecting four, I proceeded towards my next item though quickly halted by a glimpse from my peripheral vision. This angle revealed something completely unexpected: the blonde stranger I'd just talked to was immensely struggling to separate her bunch of bananas through an overall arm and hand effort, lacking ability and movement of her right fingers.

Indeed; Pamela's swollen, reddish/purple-colored arm, hand and fingers was quite a familiar sight. I immediately empathized and redirected my cart towards her.

What a blessing it was to us both that she accepted my offer to help.  Her look was one of combined gratitude and surprise as I extended my right hand, explaining my understanding.  And, together, we conquered her bananas!

"What happened?", we both wanted to know from each other.

Someone who can personally relate is priceless! Talking to Pamela at greater length, I learned her speech was impaired along with her right arm and hand - the cost of removing a tumor from her brain.

"Just four," she requested; "the others can go back."

Even though "the others" were badly battered, stems torn and exposed insides, I instead exchanged the four in my cart with the battered leftovers. It was something I chose to do, valuing these because I knew personally the effort that had gone into Pamela's bananas (and that they would need to be used soon!).

I left the store that day thanking God for allowing Pamela and I to meet and counting it my privilege to be used to help another - as I have received so much help from others.

This reminds me of Jesus' precious and priceless concern and care for every single person on this earth.  Oh, how he wants to be our Help!  The Bible uses numerous descriptive names for Him, including the Comforter. He knows everything about us, he understands everything we face - every hurt, every longing, every need.

Jesus cares about Pamela's struggles, as well as mine and your's. He left perfect peace in heaven and came down to troubled earth, though he did not have to; he suffered brutally to pay the penalty for all mankind's sin though he did not have to.  He did so in His immeasurable compassion and love.  He did so for YOU an ME.

I realized Pamela might reject my offer to help her, and I was so glad that she didn't.

....May I ask you, friend; how have you responded to Jesus free offer to help you? He wants so much for you to accept His help, for it is the only way of forgiveness and salvation. 

For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Hebrews 4:15

For whosoever shall call upon the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13

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  1. Nothing happens by chance I thought, as I read your post. I don't quite know what to comment..your meeting was so special and this post a blessing to read.